Annual General meeting

In summary the key points from the AGM.

The society held its AGM on the 14th March and had the usual agenda items with reports from the secretary, chairman and Treasurer. No changes to fees or the hall hire for the moment and with the hall being significantly improved over the lockdown its a much warmer and brighter space than before. The club only had one outing with Marshwood Road in 2021 to the Christchurch MRC show in Bournemouth. We had 4 operators over the weekend and left with all the stock we started with. The show was not as busy as prior years but there were a number of good layouts to see and traders. We duly re-elected Ray as Chairman, David as Secretary and Paul as treasurer and Dan remains on the committee. With the usual heckling from the back rows over thoughts turned to 2022. Marshwood is getting a mid life facelift and the N Gauge layout now needs work to start on the buildings and scenic and Paul has agreed to get the control panels completed. The base track and point wiring is now in place and partially tested. A number of visits were discussed to other railways and events but no plans agreed.

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