Shaftesbury Parkway – N Gauge Layout

: Dave Webber (Shaftesbury & Gillingham R S)

Set in the south and west, the partly modernised junction station is painted in Network Southeast colours. Watch the trains run in a time sequence from 1980 to 1995. Starting with class 33s in Blue and a 4TC unit. With locomotives in many of the liveries of the 1980s & early 1990s finishing with the new class 158 & 159s in regional railways & network southeast colours.

Freight includes oil from Dorset, stone from Somerset, china clay from Cornwall and includes a  Freightliner container train from the early 1980s often seen on Salisbury’s Laverstock loop.

Exhibition Information

  • Size: 12ft-6ins long by 3ft wide, plus 3ft operating space at rear please.
  • Self-supporting 
  • Power Requirement: One 13-amp plug
  • Value Approx.:£6000.00
  • Operatives: 3/4
  • Expenses: whatever you normally pay.
  • A small stock table would be useful.

Contact Details

Coles Lane Farmhouse

Cherry Orchard


Dorset SP7 0PY


Home: 01747 851764

Mobile: 07704 102116

E Mail;

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